Heist Studios was created with a simple yet profoundly simple aim — to rethink comfort in tights


Heist Studios was created with a simple yet profoundly simple aim — to rethink comfort in tights & create the first pair of tights you would want to wear, tights that offered nothing less than Radical comfort. To achieve radical comfort, Heist tights have three key design features:

• Firstly, Heist tights have a Seamless Architecture construction that fits you like a second skin.

• Secondly, (tackling the number one complaint that the waistband on tightscuts into the sides) Heist created an “Endless Loop Waistband” that comes in two heights and is made from seamless loop of incredibly soft satintouch material, hand-sewn onto the body of the tights.

• Finally, Heist tights use an Ultra High Spiral Count Yarn that banishes any irritations and soothes your skin. The yarn is sourced from mills in Northern Italy and has around 10 times the spiral count (equivalent to thread count in sheets) of your average high-street pair.

Heist tights are designed in London and hand-sewn in Castel Goffredo, a small, medieval village in Italy.

Heist founder and CEO Edzard van der Wyck is a film producer who used to work with the iconic director Chris Cunningham. Heist came into existence after he couldn’t believe that there wasn’t a better quality of tights for his wife to buy.
He also felt there could be a more intelligent articulation of feminine beauty than the lingerie space typically allows. So he set about to commission some of the most exciting young artists and film-makers to give their articulation of feminine beauty – and their #FramedbyHeist project forms the central part of the brand both on their @HeistStudios Instagram and in the Gallery on their website.

Heist are available in sheer 30 denier or opaque 50 denier, both with low or high waistbands, all black. 

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