Here comes summer - and I'm shunning the fake tan for fuddy-duddy nude tights


Cometh the summer, cometh the bare legs. Blotchy, spotty, bug-bitten, sweaty or dry-skinned, there they are for all to see. A mark of pride, perhaps, that what goes in the south of France can go in Britain too. But it would be far better to raise a citron pressé to the weather and clad the pins in a fine layer of hosiery. Fuddy duddy? Mais non.

While a very unscientific straw-poll among my own female peers (all in their 20s or early 30s) tipped in favour of nude tights as a wardrobe staple, it would seem that a widespread revival is already afoot with the Duchess of Cambridge and Victoria Beckham leading the way. Although I couldn’t possibly comment on why either is a fan, there seem to me at least four jolly good reasons why nude tights are transparently a good idea.

First off, even on a balmy sunny day it is not uncommon for it to suddenly turn parky. Result- gooseflesh. Urgh urgh. A pair of tights will offer a modicum of warmth and veil the shivery bumps from public display. This is particularly handy for keeping up the 'oh-larks-isn't-the-weather-glorious' fallacy when out at a picnic/gig/walking the dog.

Second, stairs. Better weather means shorter skirts. However scampering up escalators and the like with a short skirt and no tights means, frankly, the person behind you gets a prime view of your M&S undies. Do you really want that? Really? Better skirt around the issue with a nice pair of tights.

Third, why shell out on horrible fake tan or, worse, damage your skin with a real tan when you can opt for a soupcon of colour with a pair of tights? I'm not talking tangerine delights - just a delicate sun-blushed tone. However if like me, you are a factor-50 fan then choose a silky pair of 7-dernier stockings (perfect with a knee length dress) and revel in the fact that your legs will look and feel fab. This is also an excellent way to hide blemishes from a misspent youth - nicks, grazes and scars incurred in various tree-climbing adventures are neatly hidden from view. Hurrah!

Fourth and finally, there is a huge range of nude tights out there- from slippery, slinky delights to unlikely-to-ladder-at-an-inconvenient-moment 15-denier reliable coverings. There's also the option of tights that will offer that extra teeny bit of support for thighs and tummies, as well as a host of different toes for every conceivable shoe and finishes that range from ultra-gloss to a demure matte. Why subscribe to horrible thick black punk-rocker hosiery only to turn your nose up at the lighter, brighter delicate summer offerings?

Shunning nude tights is a misplaced rebellion. We should be basking in their myriad benefits.

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