I love translucent tights with cute prints on it. I leave here just to see my favorite tights.

I buy almost all my tights at Primark. They are there usually between 2 and 3 euros. I always buy size L / XL because I have long legs and I pull them otherwise quickly destroy.

They include tad go quickly broken. I am quite found out that if I buy a more expensive (eg Zara and New Look), they just break down as fast. So I'd rather go for a cheap, and I know I have him a few times can. A pity, but so often I wear them not ending, so I do not need to buy new all the time. 

A few years ago I saw a girl with pantyhose above the city. I then had never seen anything like it and no one wore it. She had bought him in England. As best soon after they arrived here at Primark. Which remains with the hearts, I think my favorite. 

With old and new I had this Disney tights!

I never get bored with dots. 

I find this very nice with a short skirt. But I do really only when I have a party. When I wear it on the street, I feel really not nice and you notice that people look at it, because it is obviously a little revealing. 

And this is my latest. He was in the sale at Primark for just 1 euro. I had him as much as an hour when a hole was because my bike. I have this sewn and hope he's still here last.

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