Now You Can Own Those Amazing Bumblebee Tights in 'Me Before You'


A little buzz for you Me Before You fans! Those yellow-and-black-striped "bumblebee tights" that Louisa is obsessed with in the book and soon-to-be film? You can now shop them for yourself.

Inspired by the emotional moment Louisa tells her paralyzed charge, Will, that her favorite thing growing up was her "bumblebee tights," Hue is producing a limited run of the striped stockings. They sell for $18 and are already available for purchase — just in time for the book's big-screen adaptation to hit theaters June 3.

Because the company is so pumped for the film's release, Hue is hosting a social media sweepstakes via Facebook for a chance to win tickets to see the movie, the book, the soundtrack and, of course, a pair of the limited-edition tights. 

But Hue isn't the only one impacted by the bee. To commemorate her role in the movie, Emilia Clarke, who plays Louisa opposite Sam Claflin as Will, got a small tattoo of a bee on her pinky finger. When she revealed the ink via Instagram, she captioned the snap, "#mebeforeyou what was already stained on my heart is now stained on my skin...🐝

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