In the know 'bare leg look' tights


Wondered if anyone can advise - I have horrible pasty legs, mottled, dry, speckled looking. Fake tan does not work at all - just does not take to my skin. For once this summer I want to wear knee length skirts and dresses and wondered if anyone could recommend some decent tights that will make my legs look lightly tanned and in a decent condition without being too obviously 'tight looking'. Hope that all makes sense!!

Spray on tights are amazing! Plus you don't don't have that webbed toe look so can wear flip flops or open toes

Me too!

Your legs would look loads better if you exfoliated and moisturised them. I suspect you would find that fake tan works much better if you do that.
Otherwise watching with interest for good tights suggestions.

Aristoc are great. I get them online. Generally use the hold ups or shiny tights.

Asda hold ups in natural colour. People often mistake me for having bare legs when I wear these, and I would too if I didn't know I was wearing them. 
Another plus point is you get 2 pairs for £4 and if when you ladder one it's not a pair you have to throw away.

Falke - expensive but last well and IMO the closest to bare leg you will get.

I normally wear 10 denier supermarket ones and they look fine. Bit of a pain as they are so thin it's easy to put your finger through them when putting them on, but they provide some colour without being very tights-y.

They are hard to find near me but nude tesco basics tights (not sure of the denier) are absolutely brilliant, they are very thin and easy to put a finger through but at £1 for 5 pairs (yes really) if you bulk buy 3 packs and say wear each pair 3 times, you've got 45 wears!

Aristoc Ultra Shine 10D - they're mid price so good for every day.

Falke Shelina are a bit more expensive but also good.

I can't stand any supermarket or M&S nude tights - tried them all - meh!

I second Tesco cheapies too.

Pretty Polly Naturals are great, and Boots also do their own 'bare leg' tights, which are fab. I think the horrible 'American tan' days are behind us!

marks and spencer oiled look tights

John Lewis Barely There tights. They're so good, very sheer but just the perfect amount of cover.

These? Tesco

are VVVV cheap, indeed

Violet bunny - with the John Lewis tights, did you go for Nude or Nearly Tan?

I think we've all got dry legs really. I've found using nair hair removing cream much better than shaving & I don't get a re-growth rash.

Sally Hansen airbrush legs is foolproof.
Marks and Spencer's do a range that have no toes so you can wear with flip flops/sandals Tec. The denier is very thin and there's a few shades to choose from so not obvious colour change on legs, just smoother looking with hint of colour iyswim.

I bought some of those by mistake. They are very uncomfortable.

I agree with marks and spencers oiled tights. I have had them but you need to get the right colour for your skin tone. The problem with tights is that they tend to last little more than a day. They are easily laddered and they are also quite pricey. I might try the sally hansen thing. Also the problem with tights is they are also warm. Who feels like wearing tights when it is baking hot!!!

I also agree that shaving and moisturising your legs makes them much better. I have minor broken veins and some stretch marks on my calfs which i am quite conscious of.

Agree the oiled ones colours are odd colours. I can't remember which was wrong now

I've tried Falke too. It is soooo sheer. It feels lovely.
Would you consider breaking the bank and go for Wolford? Hehehe....

You have to prepare the legs as well and be very careful though. Cos I got one of these "barely nude" and put a tiny hole in it before I even put it on. I was so upset. The barely nude ones tend to be very thin. So you gotta be extra careful not to snag them.

You've got to have ten denier or less.

No the Tesco ones are from the value range, not F&F.

Glossy tights are awful. They really, really don't look like bare, oiled legs. Really. 

I have very fair skin and wear Pretty Polly or M&S nude tights. Falke or Wolford would ladder if I so much as looked at them.

I use tesco tights they are 3 in a pink box and they cost about £4 . They're really good and tanned nicely and doesn't look like you're wearing tights.

They aren't glossy. They are oiled.

Thank you for all the replies! Given me loads of ideas to try - guess it is a case of trying the recommended brands and seeing what works for me :-)

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