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Can you introduce yourself?
Hello, I am Estelle and I am 24 years old. I am in charge of communication, curious, addict in fashion and shopping and above all great dreamer!
How long have you had the blog (put the name of your blog)?
My blog EstelletestForYou at 2 years and a half! It is a baby that grows well 😉
And why this name?
It's simple: my first name plus the principle of the blog; I test and give my opinion on many things (fashion, beauty, travel, cooking, lifestyle, ...). I wanted something that holds well and apparently people only retain Estelle For You it always makes me laugh!

Your style ?
There is the question ! I think I do not have a definite style, I like full of style and it shows in my looks on the blog I think! I can very well have a rock look one day, then boho hippie the next day. I love mixing styles and combining luxury pieces (Chanel Boy bag, Valentino pumps, for example) with cheap pieces, I think it's cooler and it "dedramatizes" the image that a piece of luxury.
What inspires your looks?
I like to follow, watch and inspire trends in magazines, blogs, social networks ... However I do not find myself in all so I walk especially to the feeling.
I see you like the tights. How you find in them?
I like pantyhose because they refine the legs, gives mystery they de-vulgarise a short skirt for example and keep warm in winter. I like the pantyhose on the other hand less ...

What are your favorite brands ? Level clothing and tights?
I dress everywhere but I crack a lot at Zara, H & M, Missguided and Pimkie (I recently found their collections are very trendy). In terms of pantyhose I like Cazeldonia, for special pantyhose otherwise I do in the simple with Primark and H & M because I have a sticky enough ratio the budget is fast very high.
For my part the sticky is a garment that dresses even even more sublime legs like a jewel you share this point of view?
I think it sticks the legs and I think it can become the blush of a look yes! Today we find a lot of declination, we no longer do in the ordinary and some are actually jewelry.
What are your favorite colors? clothing and tights?
For the clothes I "loose" much more recently (colors, accessories, cut ...), although black and gray remain my predominant base, I love pastel colors, I think this is the right way to wear colors without making too much. But for the pantyhose I stay in the black classic, which remains more value than on for me ...
I'm a fan of sticky Couture also I find super stylish!

What type (s) of pantyhose would you dare wear?
I do not dare the fishnet, I think I would be too afraid of the image they could give me (I'm a shy). On the other hand, I have tested little colored tights ... And yes) Well I did not do big madness, I tried the sticker blue / gray herringbone received in the gambette box.
What do you think is the best way to wear it?
With a pretty skirt or dress (it seems logical haha), with short or short pants ... in fact the pantyhose is worn with everything! But for me with a pair of shoes closed at the end.
Would you like a little anecdote with your pantyhose?
I am a "two awkward hands" clumsy and when I slip a sticker I plan at least three spare (including one in my bag) as they often end spun, especially the finest).
For example in my looks with the midi skirt you do not see, but my pantyhose have cracked down and of course I had no spare ... Might as well tell you we managed to shoot shots close 😉

What blogs do you like?
I started with Betty's blog more than 7 years ago, it is besides which it gave me the envy of my throw (I put 4 years before I decided!), today I am enormously and I discover every day I adore the universe of some. But I admit to being more subscribed to fashion blogs.
How many pairs of pantyhose do you have?
Oulala a lot! I have a sacred reserve I buy by 3 minimum, awkward oblige ...
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