How to change an entire look with tights:


Let’s talk about legs today; specifically hosiery. Some of you may know that I worked at Victoria’s Secret all four years of college and during that time I developed a major love affair with hosiery. This is the first part of the 2000’s when patterned tights were coming in. When I worked at Neiman Marcus, we were required to wear something on our legs during colder months so my obsession with stockings and tights deepened. It was pretty amazing what a colored opaque tight or a patterned stocking could do to a simple black skirt.

I picked up this black skirt recently, figuring it would be a versatile piece to have in my closet, and satiating my need for a poufy, faux-ball gown skirt. Side note: this is a great piece to have on hand for lots of dressy events, but more on that to come in another post!) However, it’s a skirt that makes a statement and is easy to spot in repeat wears (don’t nobody want that!) Fun hosiery is the most cost efficient way to ensure that doesn’t happen!

Berkshire Hosiery was kind enough to send me a few pairs to try and I am in LOVE! I’m wearing the Dot style from their Trend line and I absolutely love it. It stays in place so you aren’t always yanking up (you know what I’m talking about ladies!) and gives any look a little kick. You can get your own pair for 15% off at Berkshire with code: blogger15.

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