How to organize your khaki tights?


How to organize your khaki tights?

There is no better season than autumn to get out your beautiful khaki sticky . Autumn is the perfect season to wear warm, dark colors, and accumulate plenty of accessories!
Khaki is a color that makes you want to go outside and be in harmony with nature.
It fits very well with other dark colors, such as dark brown. A small brown skirt in suede (suede) or leather (or imitation leather) would be a good option and would maintain a wooden and rustic color palette.

Do not forget that colors such as khaki also go very well with prints. Your tights would be highlighted with a nice seasonal design. The Scottish pattern is the perfect example for the fall. You can also try with a more abstract pattern, like something that would recall the colors of the leaves at this time.

There is a multitude of accessories to accompany an outfit built around the khaki tights . A big scarf will complete a cozy look very well. A shoulder bag in brown leather will keep your outfit in autumn colors. A long necklace that swings that you step will bring a certain dynamism and movement to your look. A wide-brimmed hat will add a very trendy touch. There's so much you can try!

We look forward to seeing the looks you'll create from your khaki tights this fall. For that, identify me on your photos Instagram, Facebook or Twitter so that I can admire your super outfits!



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