Street style


Why converses are the BEST shoes everrrr ? Because they just go with everything. Even tho they are not shoes to wear on the winter time, I can’t resist to wear them with skirt and thick tights, they just fit too perfectly… It’s now middle-March and I slightly start to wear more of thin tights with my skirts, and the converses are still here, they are going to follow me until this summer. They are definitely shoes I can wear / buy over and over again.

The Skirt – Pull and Bear (18€ – £16) : It was a crush (and I couldn’t, couldn’t get enough HAHAHA). ANYWAYS, I saw it in store and I rush to it, I was looking for a skirt like this for a very long time, but they were either too expensive of I did not like the shape of them. This one is sooooo perfect, it fits so well, it’s not too squeezed, but no too large neither. When I saw the price, I knew it was for me, it’s really not expensive, and I am quite glad I found it (of course at the moment I told myself I was done with shopping for a while..).

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