Beauty Tights: The pantyhose that claim to relieve stress and alleviate PMS through... crystals


A new pair of tights have been released which are said to relieve stress and anxiety, alleviate PMS, diminish blemishes and reduce cellulite - but is it all too good to be true?

Beauty Tights are the newest product from a German legwear company called Item M6, and while there's no scientific evidence that they work, a Vogue editor insists she felt a difference when wearing them.

The tights have ceramic crystals melted into the stretchy yarn. According to the brand they turn body warmth into infrared radiation; the same principle used in infrared saunas that’s said to heal and detoxify.

It doesn’t stop there though. The tights are also made from compression fabric, you know, the type hailed by fitness fanatics and frequent fliers for combating fatigue and swelling.

The company behind the tights says they fit so precisely that they stimulate an acupressure point called the spleen 6 meridian. That's an area said to boost energy, ease digestive concerns, treat insomnia and even alleviate symptoms of PMS. Apparently they tackle fatty deposits too.

But so far, none of the tights' effects have been scientifically proven.

However Vogue editor Eviana Hartman said: “I could have sworn my skin felt softer afterward. The tourniquet effect was pleasant—calming, even. As for the results of all that spleen meridian stimulation, it’s hard to say. But I was mostly happy and productive during that fortnight, and after wearing them on a six-hour JFK-to-LAX flight, I noticed a conspicuous absence of jet lag."

As spirituality and wellness becomes more mainstream the use of crystals is escalating; even beauty brand Starskin has combined sheet masks with diamond, tourmaline and emerald to brighten and illuminate the skin. 

But what’s interesting here is that these new age fans are a far cry from the clich├ęd hippies you may once have associate with crystal healing.

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