In the know 'To think tights just don't stay up'


They are a con! Regardless of what style or brand I'm hoiking at my gusset all bloody day! Need two pairs of knickers to keep them up, or tuck them in my bra strap. Advice please! What makes and styles are good for which heights and sizes? If you have a pair of tights that fit and are comfy, enlighten us. We need a definitive list.

You tuck your tights into you bra? <the mind boggles>

Pair of pants over does the trick!

I find in order to get the legs long enough I need to buy bigger size, so then am left with surplus body that I tuck into my bra in a kinda belts and braces affair!

I find the more expensive they are, the better they fit, and also get a size larger than you think you are too.

I buy a bigger size, even bought maternity ones to try that out.. Nope, still hiking them up constantly I really want to be able to wear them but just don't work, always had same problem. 

Glad i'm not alone!

The secret is to abandon all vanity and size up! 

I'm a short 12-14 and I buy XL tights from M&S. The velvety opaques. They're fab and never roll or fall down.

Two pairs of kecks does the trick one under one over

I had on a new pair of lovely wool tights the other day and I was walking through the town centre and I could feel them start to fall down. By the time I got back to my car about five minutes later the crotch was nearly to my knees and the top of the tights had just about fallen below my arse. Another few minutes and they would have completely fallen down. I could feel my bare arse (had a thong on) against my skirt. It was just so busy I couldn't discreetly pull them up in any way. They went in the bin when I got home.

Don't wear two pairs of tights, you thrush magnets!

Size up. I am a size 8 but buy large (am tall though).

They don't have to be particularly expensive. Best high street tights I find are Primark, madly. Or Sainsburys. I do treat myself to charnos and house of fraser lovelies but I end up ripping the bastards.

Two pairs of knickers, I mean.

If they're falling down, it usually means they're too small. Odd really, as clothing usually falls down if its too big.

Two pairs of knicker - but I second the M&S opaque ones - they are super and the body bit fits much better than the other brands.

The problem is though, if a slinky young thing like Bunny needs XL, what about those of us who are truly XL?

Yup yup go a size up!

All my slightly too small right fall down. 

Or just wear hold ups to avoid the thrush potential.

Mine fell down because they were too big, I think. They were quite roomy and wrinkly in places, obviously too much. I think I might retrieve them and pout some elastic in the waist. They're only sitting in the bathroom bin and I emptied it beforehand.

Tie a hair bobble tightly round the waistband to get rid of the surplus we did this with DD when her elastic had gone in her tights but we were already out before we had noticed!

Yep I agree with opaque ones from m&s. I'm s size 24 with big fat thighs and short too and these are the only ones that fit.

brilliant, need tights for a work do on Thurs and was clueless, now i know which ones to get!

Just wear stockings, they're so much more comfortable if you buy suspended belts from the likes of What Katie Did rather than Ann Summers.

I have no idea why people wear them.

Horrible, scratchy things that result in you getting all clammy in the nethers. And don't let you breathe so you end up with thrush! And blow on them and they're snagged! 

And for what? You can see right through them to your legs. They aren't warm. and much as you might want to believe otherwise, they don't hide that vein on your calf. You know the one. Oh yes. I see it

Shapers tights are the best. They have a Simon Cowell style waist in a grippy fabric.

I buy xl or they aren't long enough but end up with them falling down as far too big around waist.

We should start a campaign to get tights sold in dress sizes but with different length legs.

I agree stockings are far more comfortable.

I think thick 80 denier opaques are comfortable and far warmer that trousers, but never wear the sheer 10 type tights as they are shite and always end up with Saggy Gusset no matter what size. Hold ups are crap as they are not long enough and the holdy uppy plastic bit makes me itch. Stockings are the best solution, I have got an ancient (classy) suspender belt whick doesn't show lumps and bumps under skirts etc.

Just don't wear them underneath a skater style skirt when walking with colleagues on a windy day in Swindon. Twat's the word.

I only wear thick warm winter tights, no idea about sheer ones but yes, size up massively.

I am 5'10" and a 12 and find H&M size 22-24 fit brilliantly. All my tights are mahoosive and none of them ever fall down.

I buy the body shaping ones and never have a problem with them falling down.

Goodness, I've never had a problem with my tights falling down. M+S all the way! Stockings for date night (not hold ups - they do bloody well fall down, after giving you an unsightly burn at the plastic bit at the top! and on that note, does anyone else get skin burn from the plastic on strapless bra?)

M&S opaque for me too. I size up, as the ones that ought to fit me tend to roll, which is massively annoying when stuck in a class of 30 10 years olds with a male TA...

Yes, that plastic on strapless bras itches and gives me huge welts. I hate strapless bras, I have never yet seen one which doesn't makes my boobs look like squished sausages or alternatively all pointy shaped like Jayne Mansfield.

I wear leggings instead as tights, tights itch me massively never mind constantly falling down!

I am so glad I am not the only one wearing two pairs of pants with tights!

I always think it's funny that stockings are seen as sexy clothing - I never wear them for that reason (well I am single, chance would be a fine thing anyway <bitter> )

I realised the other day that do not own one pair of trousers. I have jeans, leggings, chinos, cropped trouser things and shorts but not one pair of smart trousers to wear to work. And I never used to wear skirts, just in the last couple of years I much prefer skirts and dresses to anything else.

You don't get thrush if you buy ones with breathable gussets.
I don't size up but buy mainly M&S (found primark ones awful) and I pull the waistband up really really high. Perfect. The bodyshaper ones are amazing too!

I love the Primark fleece lined tights. They're so, so warm. I also size up so they don't fall down or settle under my baby pouch.
I didn't know about breathable gusset tights (bleurgh at 'gusset'). Really they should just make them crotchless.

Those fleece lined ones are AMAZING! Much warmer than several of my pairs of trousers. Sizing up is the key. I need XL whatever waist size I am so the legs are long enough, fall down in 5 minutes otherwise.

i second stockings. Go to somewear like and get a 6 strap suspender belt. If you wear one of those you'll have no problems. Don't both with the "sexy/fashion" suspender belts you see in the shops at this time of year as they'll twist and slide down. The ones fron stockingshq are not a pretty but they work.

I don't think I've worn tights since I was at school, but don't remember any problems with them falling down. As an adult I've worn hold-ups on the odd occasion I've had to wear a dress, and they stay up fine.

I'm with the stockings crew. 6 strap garter belt from Kiss Me Deadly or What Katie Did. No sagging, no thrush and if you ladder one, no need to chuck the pair.

I bought some wooly ones from Next. I'm only 5ft4 and they don't even come up to the top of my pubes! Christ only knows who they were made for!

but stockings don't work if your skirts are above the knee, which most of mine are. I want to be sure if I'm showing my bum accidentally on occasion then it's covered. I also like wearing coloured opaques mainly, in nice bright colours, and stockings don't seem to come in opaque colours. 

I mainly wear these these tights in XL, and they are the best of a bad bunch. The legs are actually too long for me, and fall down around the feet and ankles so I'm hoiking them up, and if I leave them too long they eventually fall down too. But the waistband mainly stays put, and they are nice colours and don't ladder much. If I wear the large though the aren't long enough in the leg, so fall down constantly.

What is your shape? I find having "proper" hips is good for something here, being apple shaped it is harder. Being very slim hardest, especially if you have slim hips.

I am 6 ft pear shaped and find M&S velvet touch tights to be the ONLY ones that stay up all day! I buy a size L ( am size 12-14)


I've given up on tights. Leggings are so much better and last longer.

Mind you I might try M&S velvet ones now..........

yes chanson, that's what I'm after, your size, height, shape and what tights you wear!

I'm 5ft 8, houglass shape, and size 18. and as I said, I've found John Lewis 60 d opaque in XL are tolerable. Any better offers?

I find leggings go baggy at the knees pretty after 1 or 2 wears

M&S tights are the only ones that work for me. I get the XL ones as I'm a size 16 and the smaller sizes lie just don't fit.

Tights never fall down on me. Only when pregnant as my waist is bigger than my hips but otherwise I have never, ever had tights fall down. 

I guess I must be the 7% of the population they're designed to fit. They should do some kind of combination. Like jumper dresses and those hats with scarves/pockets built in. We need tights with braces. Traces? Brights?

How about crotchless tights? No more tugging at the gusset, no sweaty betties, no thrush. And if you go commando you don't even need to take them town to have a pee. Just a thought.

I agree.
Spent yesterday hoiking up tights. I am 5ft 10.

Tbh the only ones that stay up are the Aran Jumper type which are basically ski-trousers not tights at all. I have a very nice pair of Peacocks that stay up in a cable knit grey.

Worst offenders are the very soft semi-opaque stretchy kind where the waistband starts folding over and over and over and sliding down... Or the very lacy kind that have no stretch at all and just behave like armour plating when the rivets are rusted.

i'm not prone to thrush, wear tights a lot and never get a sweaty crotch, so crotchless tights don't appeal!

ditziness. You really need to go to stockingd hq. They have opaques, patterned and different leg lenghts. I've managed to wear skirts that are mid thigh with stockings and have never knowily flashed my legs. I've even managed to spend all night dancing salsa without flashing

but have you got fat thighs? I have, and I find stockings are always two tight and look awful, and fall down.

Go large - it's all down to height. 

I have two pairs of Woolford tights (40 denier) that I've had for 15 years, and they're still going strong. Quite expensive, but well worth it.

Isandri you've brought back a bad memory there...

I once never ever ever again wore stockings to a dance class (I'd laddered my last pair of tights that morning). My dress was below the knee, so I thought I'd get away with it. Unfortunately it was also almost circular and we did a lot of spins <shudders at memory>

To answer OPs question, 5'6", size 10/12 and I usually wear M+S large.

Listen ditzy, just get the m ans velvet touch ones.

They last for years, so money well spent.

M and s opaque (3pack) are a good cheapo option.

Thanks for making me feel better. I've always worn XL tights as I'm a little over the top of the height range on the sizing guide; and it's hit and miss whether they will fit or not. Having put on a little weight I'm now firmly into outsizes for tights, which has been demoralising (and still hit and miss).

I bought my just 10 yr old daughter, who is tall but typically slender for her age, some tights in a ladies medium the other day! And they fit her nicely.

M&S 100 denier bodyshaper all the way here - I don't size up - just go for medium (am normally a 12 and 5'3) but the key point is having a good long gusset/waist to them. Short waist and they just fall down. I always have a good nose int he packet before buying.

so the message i'm getting from this admittedly small sample group is that tights are generally made too small? or there should be more size choices?

chandon, they only come in black though! i demand red, teal and purple!

I haven't worn tights since I was 18 (am 44 now).

I wear stockings instead. A good suspender belt and decent stockings works much better than tights, never had a problem with stockings sliding down like Norah Batty! I have some 100% wool ones that are very warm and comfortable, and generally buy most of mine online (better choice).

M&S opaque tights with a proper gusset & a pair of knickers over the tights (yes, only wearing 1 pair of knickers!)

My tights stay up but I have to buy large ones due to my height and buy expensive tights. One size cheap tights are rubbish.

Wolford velvet de luxe tights are brilliant. Cost a fortune but last for years and xmas is coming.

stockings though - is there not a thigh rub issue? Mine rub together which is uncomfortable unless wearing tights/leggings wotnot (or unless I lose three stones)

M&S do the best tights by far

If I size up, they go all wrinkly round my ankles (Nora batty style). If I buy the 'right' size I'm forever hoiking them back up. Actually, many larger sized ones give me the worst of both options. Even expensive tights. 

I must be doing something wrong. I'm not tall and what little height I do have all comes from my legs. But I find larger tights often don't mean longer legs, just wider ones that want to contract back to their original length (and nice baggy width) after I pull them up. :/

Those John Lewis tights are the exception OP. they have absurdly long legs and still require pulling up. Wrinkly knees are not a good look.

Stockings. Definitely. Or hold-ups if they work for you.

I wish I'd changed to them years ago.

And I have to put in a word for - the best online retailer I have ever used. For anything.

Don't you get a cold bum with stockings?

I've never had a cold bum or thigh rub with stockings (don't get confused with hold ups, they may give thigh rub), and I am as fat as my name might suggest!

I second amicissimma about stockings direct, I use them also.

I'm 5'8'' and a size 18 pear shape. My legs are very long in relation to the rest of my body, in fact, my legs are quite a bit longer than my husband's and he's over 6'. I too can recommend Woolford tights and even their lower denier pairs last for ages. John Lewis usually stock them.
I think it depends. I have a fairly narrow waist but large hips / bottom and my tights always stay up, even very cheap brands. It seems to me that it's people with relatively small bottoms whose tights fall down, so think of it as penance for having a small bum

I definitely don't have a small bum. But I do have a waist in relation to it. Although after the last baby I also have an attractive little aprony belly. Gah. But mainly I'm in proportion, just a bit too heavy everywhere. Don't think I have particularly long legs.

The problem with reccomendations if they are an expensive risk unless you know the person is the same size as you

Just say no to teal and red tights

Black is best

Have you looked at cotton tights? I can't stand wearing tights - they ride around all over the place and itch, but cotton ones are just about bearable and stay put better. 

I got my latest ones from John Lewis but it was a while ago - don't know if these are the exact ones, but there are some good reviews from taller XLs here:

This is why I haven't worn tights in 20 years. Bare legs in summer but only trousers in winter.( Leggings should not be worn by the over 50s imo).

Anyone see dragons den last week where some woman tried to get backing for her 'tights suspenders brace' thing. You clip it onto your bra and the top of your tights to keep them up. They all thought she was mad . they missed a trick there!

got those john lewis cotton one's on today in XL. I must be a freak, as at 5ft 8 and sixe 18 they still fall down on me :-(

Bugger. It's very hard - even with the John Lewis ones I found they varied, some were comfy and fitted, some not - same brand, same size

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