5 reasons to offer the Christmas gift box


Guys: 5 reasons to offer the Christmas gift box

Girls, if it's torture for your buddies to find you the perfect gift, share this article! We have some tips to help her choose the perfect gift ...

Guys, you have trouble finding the perfect gift for your lover, your sister, your mother or your best friend? Follow our tips: we've found the perfect gift for them! 
1. Demonstrate that you know her well

By offering her the Rachel Gift Box, you offer her a gift personalized according to her style and her tastes. After receiving her subscription, she must complete her online style profile. So each month, the gift box that will be delivered to him will correspond perfectly. She will even have access to a "wish list" to choose herself the pantyhose she would like to receive!

You see, it's hard to make a mistake!

So, let us take care of offering him a box that reflects his style for you! (And it is to you that all the credit returns ...;))

2. A gift, several surprises

You can choose the length of the subscription offered: one month, two months, three months ... A good way to remind her how much you love her every time she receives her Rachel box.
3. Offer the facility

Another reason to offer our monthly box : she can easily return or exchange pantyhose that does not please her! And it's free! Offer her the opportunity to have exactly what she wants!
4. You offer him an unlimited discount MORE than a gift

When she enrolls in the Rachel Coffret, she gets 10% off all in-store purchases! It can therefore spoil as it wishes! A gift that offers more ...

5. Fashion looks and tips

By offering her a subscription to Rachel's Coffin, you invite her to the great Rachel community! She will receive tips and fashion tips on our blog . And because she will receive beautiful pantyhose, she will be able to share her looks on Facebook and Instagram!

What are you waiting for? Download today a gift card from Rachel's Box! It's the perfect gift for her (and we'll keep it secret: let her think you've had this brilliant idea for yourself!)

Photo credit: Clément Berrin

Coiffure: Romain Le Moëllic

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