Get the skinny jean fit


There are always great ways to wear skinnies! Today I am going to show you inspiring ways to wear skinny jeans with your favorite tops and cover-ups. I think every lady who's reading this right now owns at least one pair of skinnies in her closet. I am totally in love with skinnies. Of course, it's now popular to wear boyfriends and loose-fit pants, but I still like wearing fitted jeans occasionally even though i tend to stick to skirts and dresses.
Wear them with lace-up slip-ons and cool black leather jacket. That's an edgy look.
The great thing about skinnies is the simplicity of combination, as you can wear them with anything you want, starting from loose-fit tops to fitted blouses and tank tops. In this post you are going to find a beautiful compilation of ideal looks featuring skinny jeans. Here are shown many bloggers and trendsetters who appear in the streets wearing beautiful outfits. Skinnies will surely fit almost every body shape.
Another awesome way is to try them on with cool flat booties, slip tank top, black leather jacket and awesome aviator sunglasses:
Keep it simple and grunge-inspired. Try on totally black look:
How about smart-casual look? Here we see ripped blue skinnies styled with collarless white blouse and red strappy sandals:
Another casual outfit. We see green tee paired with high-rise skinnies:
Keep it edgy and sexy. We see Rihanna wearing black outfit what consists of suede bomber, crop top and black skinnies:
How about hipster inspired outfit? We see lady who is wearing a knitted beanie, short denim jacket, light grey top and black skinnies styled with dark camel ankle-boots:

Keep it ladylike and sweet by wearing a totally white look. We see woman who is wearing a straw hat, embroidered pullover, white skinnies and checkered sandals:
35 Inspiring Ways To Wear Skinny Jeans (8)
Your striped button-down can be tucked in ankle-ripped jeans. Finish the look by adding burgundy shoulder bag and black suede booties:

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