6 ways to organize your shoes and tights this spring


The arrival of spring does not mean the long awaited return of dresses and skirts. It also sounds the time to shoe again his favourite shoes! Once the winter boots are put in the closet, there is nothing that prevents you from trying a thousand and one suit in the style of stockings and spring shoes.

We know the challenge of finding the shoe that will perfectly complement its look when we pare our gambettes of beautiful tights. So here are some fashion tips to inspire you to create the perfect combination ...
Ballerina with ribbons

We know that you waited all winter to finally put on your adorable ballerinas laced (they are much too beautiful and feminine)! When the spring is well begun, do not heat the toes to air anyway, then put on your tights with polka dots or hearts with these shoes! This is the ideal look and too cute for the flower season!
Suede heels

Yes, they are back! By far the most comfortable high heels are new to fashion, just in time for spring. These small heels are versatile and easy to arrange. You can wear them with fishnet tights under tailored pants or with the tights at the back line and a narrow skirt.
Shoes oxford

Oxford shoes are simply timeless. They will give class to any outfit, especially if you combine them with polka dot tights . Or daring if you wear them with colored pantyhose , like our pretty tights of mature color.
The sneakers

Simple, comfortable, the sneakers (yes in the kind of those we carried child) are the ally of the days of outings in town. To give them a little style, pair them with thigh high boots or a cute pair of socks !
High heels with ankle

One is in love with this style of high heels. It is totally spring, it must confess :)! So, have fun! Combine your high heels with your favorite pantyhose or try the herringbone tights , carrot or geometric! Make change and energize your look!
Rain boots

Emblems of the spring of Quebec, rain boots are mandatory if you do not want to get soaked when you step outdoors. Not always easy to arrange them to your outfits by cons. With the right tights, change a walk in the rain in a parade worthy of the big names of fashion! When it rains, do not hesitate to go out having donned colored pantyhose and sunny rainy days!

We count the days when it will be time to take out our beautiful shoes from the wardrobe! And you? Which of your shoes are you eager to wear this spring?


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