Fishnet tights trend


Today I want to talk about one of the trends that is liking more and more women, and it is about net stockings, grid or fishnet tights .

Some years ago, not many people used them, they were seen more in dancers for example, since these types of socks were considered sensual and daring, also artists were common to use them in their shows. But this fashion was not very successful in women with a normal life, so we left them in oblivion and we preferred to continue with our more conservative stockings, but now they have returned and with too much force!

Instagram is full of photos of outfits using these socks, or tobimedias, I love them because they give a very original touch to the look, and what I like is that now they are not just for wearing with clothes that expose the legs as Dresses, skirts or shorts, but we can also wear them underneath the jeans and can be seen either by the tears of the pants (if it has), above or just on our feet.

It is certainly something that should be in our closet, are comfortable and do not sting for anything like normal, we can use any day of the year because they are not hot, and there are several types of network.

In this post I decided to use some stockings that I bought some time ago and what I liked is that they do not have the typical network design, and this makes them even more original.

I used them in the most common way with a skirt, but I chose one that also had a design with rombito and in the bottom is frayed, the blouse with which I combined it I love the detail in the sleeves and last I added some open shoes, yes, open, what happens is that for some people it still makes them weird this fashion of wearing open shoes with stockings or socks, but I like it.

Photos by DE
Blouse: ZARA 

Skirt: Promoda Stockings 

: Forever21 
Shoes: RedCanela 
Bag: Anne Klein

And you already have yours? If not yet, you have to go for some, you'll like it as they look!

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