Paris Street Style: How To Style Your Tights Like A Parisian


Paris Fashion Week is over and it has left us amazing styles. We always keep an eye on the new collections to tell you what’s hitting the catwalks. We want you to be informed with our style guides and season must-have product lists. When we were looking at the Autumn Winter 2017 styles, we have found a few amazing legwear styles we had to share with you. When we say amazing, we mean something like this…

Cool, right? If you have visited Paris, you may have noticed hosiery is vital for many Parisians. Although Parisians wear hosiery all year round, winter is the best time of the year to discover amazing tights styles. Paris street style is always covered by fashion magazines and featured on Instagram and fashion blogs. Do you want to bring Paris street style to your place? We have four tips to style your tights like a Parisian.

How To Style Your Fishnet Tights Like A Parisian

Fishnet tights are the top hosiery trend in 2017. How to style your fishnets when it’s cold? Steal this quick tip as seen on Paris Street Style. Layer it up; wear black semi-opaque tights with matching fishnet tights. Still cold? Add a pair of cosy socks like the picture above for a chic look.

How To Style Your Patterned Tights Like A Parisian

Diamond patterned tights have been a very popular trend this winter and they are not going away so easily. Geometric patterns are staying on trend next season, too! This pattern not only make your legs look longer. Besides, it’s very easy to combine. It puts together your look and turns a boring look into a winning outfit!

How To Style Your Whale Fishnets Like A Parisian

What happens when you put together fishnets and geometric patterns? Tights with holes, micronets and whale nets together in a style and, like the picture above, fishnets with round and hexagonal holes! We know this style is not for everyone, but who doesn’t like a challenge? This is one of those styles that steal the whole look, so make sure you pair it with a minimal outfit.

How To Style Your Polka Dot Tights Like A Parisian

Last but not least, one of our favourite styles of the season: polka dot tights! Parisians are wearing dotty tights with smart outfits and we just can’t have enough of it. Being a minimal pattern, dots perfectly match with any other patterns, such as the tartan coat in the picture above. Don’t be afraid to wear polka dot tights with your occasion wear in spring for a sophisticated Parisian look.
Get the look: Falke Dot Tights

What’s your favourite Paris Street Leg Style? Leave your thoughts in a comment below.

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