Street style legwear looks


Wearing burgundy tights was quite an experiment for me, to be honest:) What do you think about this idea? The last time I was wearing colored tights was around 10 years ago, I guess. The break was undoubtedly long:) But today tights of different colors become more and more trendy, and they appeared in the collections of different designers during the fashion weeks, so if you are in the mood of such experiments too - do it! That's definitely high time:) 
If you choose tights of some color, you may support that color with some other accessories or leave them to be a statement piece in your outfit. And I would recommend you to start with some reasonable colors of tights, like burgundy, gray, navy, dark green, etc. Don't start this journey with bright orange or yellow. At least for now:)
And yes, be ready for the attention - with colored tights you won't be unnoticed:)

sweater - gamiss (buy other colors here)
coat - the lace (buy here)
backpack - jizuz (buy here)
shoes - l.a.p.t.i. (buy here)
chunky hat - sunny onion (buy here)
np: Citizen Cope – Pablo Picasso (Mr.Officer)

Thanks for the photos to Anna Pogribnyak:)

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