Street style legwear looks


Spring is the time of flowers, greenery and, of course, new fashionable clothes!
This is the time when you can wear whatever you want: short skirts, vests, ragged jeans, jackets - Yes, I’m happy!

And I meet spring with this "worn" outfit.

I want to start this blog talking about tights (which by the way, mine are from the online store dresslily); the most interesting thing is that tights and stockings were not always as convenient and affordable as they are today. Hosiery evolved over the centuries, and the demand and fashion dictated style, color and material. Strangely or it may seem to us today, that tights and stockings actually came from men's clothing. It's amazing, is it not?

But now there are tights for every girl, and this spring it is very fashionable to wear net tights, which are just above the belt of pants (Brit: Trousers).
If I had been told six months ago that I would wear this look, I would have answered that it would not be worth wearing tights - especially if they were black or flesh-colored. But the world of fashion has surprises, as I am pleasantly surprised to see myself in this look.

For this outfit, I decided that the main idea would be black, and I added a few more details. For example, a choker is perfectly combined with the tights, and with the silver round purse, it all with the “locks” that are on me! haha) I am talking about the zippers on the leather jacket and the shoes. Note that the zippers and purse are the same silver - no need to combine gold and silver! And since, I was almost all in black, I decided to choose a top with a different color - but not a bright color - so that everything on me looked coordinated.

Shoes -
Bag -
Fishnet Sheer Pant -

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