Tights and jeans with holes


There is a new trend that is gaining popularity and we are crazy: the pantyhose worn under the jeans with holes!Definitely, it's the look of the hour and several bloggers have added it to their wardrobe.

You may have seen photos of this trend on your favorite Instagram accounts: big fashionistas superimpose their favorite pantyhose under their holed jeans, creating a hide and seek effect with different textures.

Ready to try this trend? What are you waiting for? We have listed some of our best ideas for you to adopt this style ...
The most stylish combinations

Lace tights: It is easy to understand why this combination is so popular! Between the lace, so delicate, and the jeans holes, material more "rough", there is a striking contrast and so interesting on the dress level that we can not not try it!

Fishnet tights : This is the trend of the moment, the fishnet duo and jeans holes! The most daring of fashionistas even dare to combine them with a low-waisted pants that lets see the top of the tights!

Leopard tights: Here's a look that will not go through! Animal motifs + pierced jeans = the perfect look to show off your unique side!

Checked tights : If you are looking for a flat outfit at all for the weekend, here it is! Just fairly eccentric;).

Semi-opaque black tights : Sometimes, do not over-break your head. Nothing beats a good old classic! You do not have to opt for a more fanciful sticker to "rock" this spring trend: the semi-opaque black tights are perfect!
Colorful patterns

Your trick is not really the motives? No problem. Opt for a more colorful version of this trend! What color best matches your wardrobe? Red? Blue ? Blackberry ? Khaki ? Here are some ideas to try!
An infinity of perfect combination for your style

The good side of this trend is that the combinations are almost endless. Whether you choose a "fit" or "boyfriend" style jeans, the result will be quite different. Same thing for your choice of tights. And again, if you want to highlight the pattern of your pantyhose, you can choose a jeans more holes than another that will fit much better with a more discreet look. (But still trendy!)

The blogger of The Bambi Eyes , Stacey, has arranged her favorite holed jeans to our rafter tights ! Like what, by choosing a unique pattern that you like and corresponds to you, you can take advantage of this trend! Let your creativity go! Wear your hole jeans with your triangles , geometric or at heart !

So you say what? Will you adopt this new trend?


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  1. I saw a guy do that (black opaques under jeans), looked cool