Tights up your jeans


What you think of wearing tights under ripped jeans? Sexy or not? Personally, I think it's an ideal way how to make your look more sexy and sophisticated. In today's post I am going to show some of the best ways to wear tights under ripped jeans this year. Let's be honest lace tights look disgusting, but once you try them under ripped jeans, they appear to be sexy. Paradox, LOL. Why should you wear tights under jeans?

First of all they give you additional warmth and only then goes sexiness and fun. Just imagine yourself in a puffy coat, heavy boots and ripped jeans styled with chic tights. I recommend you to experiment with different kinds of tights under distressed jeans, starting from opaque black to bright ones, lace and leopard. Get some inspo by viewing my following picks 

Make an edgier statement with lace styles. This one looks pretty edgy and sophisticated. I love to see lace design under massive holes:

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