Proof That Statement Tights Are This Season’s Secret Style Weapon


It varies how much different people will suffer for fashion. There are those who are lower on the scale and put practicality first. Then there are those who will wear whatever they want regardless of weather, daring to go bare-legged on the coldest days for the sake of fashion. We applaud their commitment, but prefer to reach for an outfit-elevating pair of tights to brave the chilly temps.

Like puffer jackets, tights are a wardrobe staple for many when the temperature plunges. It’s easy to get into the habit of wearing your thick black tights under all of your dresses because they work so well, but don’t forget about all the countless ways you can wear your tights — and remember that there are many other options besides those 50 denier black tights.

The tights you have in your drawer can freshen up a lot of your winter staples and they can help make some of your warm weather styles work now. Get inspired to try new ways to wear tights this season with these next-level tights outfits that are perfect for cool weather.

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