Rhianwen reviews Oroblu "Different" tights


Legslavish are currently reviewing and demonstrating every kind of legwear for you on Youtube. Tights, stockings, leggings and socks are all included so you can make the best decisions on what you buy and how to style them with your outfits.

* 15 denier
* Exceptional comfort
* Invisible toe
* Comfort seam at toe
* Sheer to waist
* Cotton gusset
* Stay put waistband
* 87% Polyamide
* 13% Elastane
Oroblu Different is a new kind of leg wear design, a kind that's made for everybody. You might think that a garment like tights, that stretches and conforms to your leg shape, is going to be the best fitting item you'll ever find, but how many of us get tights that are just a little too long in the leg or aren't well suited to the shape of our hips. Oroblu Different is meant for women who aren't the exact shape of those shop window mannequin, as in, all of us. Whether you're slim and tall, or if you're curvaceous, Oroblu Different will likely have an item in your size. The 15 denier model is ideal for evening events especially if you're looking for that tailored, perfect fit.

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