7 things for which your tattered tights are super!


Not paying attention, and you already have a new running ladder in the pantyhose. If even translucent nail polish does not help, there is probably only one thing: go into the rubbish! Or not? We have seven great tips on how to reuse your broken nylons. We promise: you will be an indispensable household helper for you!


Hobby gardeners and friends of balconyies know this: although the excess water is swept out by the drip holes at the bottom of the flower pots - but it carries a lot of soil and substrate with it. This is annoying and makes dirt. So put the bottom of the pot with an old pantyhose. The water then passes through, but the earth remains where it should be: in the pot.

Be careful when using pantyhose with the plasticizer BPA. You should not then put under vegetable or fruit plants.

Wash hands after gardening? This is best done outside the house on the garden hose. After all, you do not want to carry the earth into the house. Just stupid that there is no soap outside ... With your old nylons is no longer a problem. Just place a piece of soap in the trimmed leg of a pantyhose and knot it on the tap. So you can after your work soap your hands on the pantyhose and then wash off.

Contact lens carriers know exactly how tricky these little transparent things are. As soon as you are not careful, one of them flies somewhere around the area and can not be found anymore. How, too - with only one seeing eye? How good that you will definitely find your vacuum cleaner and your old pantyhose. Simply tuck the nylons tightly over the vacuum cleaner tube and thus suck the point where you dropped your contact lens. The pantyhose prevents it from being sucked in by the vacuum cleaner, the lens simply sticks to it. Just do not forget a thorough cleaning before you face it again!

You want to take care of your broken nylons? Then we have exactly the right thing for you:


You hate to clean your windows, because you do not get them anyway, and the old newspaper knit does not work? Do not give up hope, try it with your old pantyhose! Simply polish it over the disc after cleaning - for streak-free shine.


Pantyhose are also excellent as cleaning aid for teflon or stainless steel pans as they do not scratch the sensitive surfaces. To do this, the nylons together, a splash of spĆ¼li draufgeben, moisten and scrub over the polluted places.


When pulling out a pantyhose you will surely have noticed: Nylons are true dust magnets. This is why they are excellently suited as dust cloths after their first life as a beige dress. Simply wrap it over your hand and wipe it over the surface of your choice when dry. Hausstaub belongs to history.


When combing, it is not only hair that collects in the brush, but also styling residues and dust. This can be quite annoying with the regular brush cleaning . Why do not you make your life easier? Just cut out a piece of your pantyhose, which is about the size of your brush head. Now it presses on the bristles until it is "pierced" by them and the bristles completely protrude. Hair and dirt gather then only on the nylons. For the next cleaning of the brush, the only thing that needs to be done is to put the pantyhose on and off!

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