Kim Kardashian rocks the opaque tights !


Coming to the Fashion Week of New York, Kim Kardashian was obviously not cold . Instead she had choose an outfit to impress the gallery. Obviously motivated by the desire to launch a new fashion, Kim Kardashian dared to show up at the latest New York Fashion Week with a look probably never yet tried in the world! By going to the Plaza Hotel in New York, Kanye West's wife arrived in a bra and panties barely camouflaged by a pair of semi-opaque tights! What to make of this new outfit. The fashion sphere would probably had a very difficult time to decipher the intentions of Kim K with this look out of space. The beautiful Kim had chosen to complete her outfit by a leather tuxedo jacket and high heels in transparent plastic. She had also traded her usual brown mane for powdery white also quite unexpected. We leave you to judge the result ...

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