5 fashion tips to keep your feet warm this winter


5 fashion tips to keep your feet warm this winter

The cold season certainly reminds you of good times spent during the holiday season or drinking hot chocolate by the fire, but your feet may already be shivering at the idea of ​​falling temperatures.

As you probably already know, the extremities of your body, like your hands and feet, are the first to get cold when the mercury begins to fall.

Fortunately, there are many ways to keep your feet warm without having to wear a set of ski all winter in the office.
Here are 5 fashion tips to keep your feet warm this winter while being stylish!

1. Wearing tights under your clothes

Keep your feet and legs warm by wearing warm tights under your skirts and dresses, but also under your pants. The extra layer is just what your feet and legs need to stay warm when temperatures are colder.
2. Wear socks over your tights

It's always better to wear a pair of socks over your tights, even more in winter when you wear boots. In addition to protecting your tights from snags or stitches, the socks will warm you up.
3. Choose the right socks ...

If you choose to wear socks over your tights, be sure to choose the right pair. In winter, it is not recommended to wear super trendy socks. Instead, opt for a pair of warm socks that will come to your ankle. Fortunately, there are a ton of cute socks , like sequined socks that you want to show everyone. The low above the knees are also a great option for the winter months because they keep your feet and legs warm.
4. ... and the good boots

To keep your feet warm all winter, it all starts with the right pair of boots. Opt for a pair that is water resistant and has a thick enough sole to keep your feet well insulated from the cold.
5. Adopts the leggings

The leg warmers will keep your legs and calves warm, but also your feet! Choose a pair that covers your feet well, but still has an opening on the heel and toes. You will be more comfortable in your winter boots. This accessory is trendy, but also practical!

And you, how do you stay warm without compromising your style during the winter?



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