The Tights Dilemma When it is, and isn't, acceptable to wear tights


You might not want to believe it, but summer is drawing to end; the days are getting cooler and shorter, with an ever-present risk of showers - so you might be thinking about reaching for your tights. Here are our rules, disobey at your peril...
1. Tights are for winter only

Come rain or shine, tights should not be worn until 1 October, and they need to come off the minute April arrives. This season there's an exception to the rule in the form of Chanel and Proenza Schouler's lace or fishnet versions; but think pretty, not practical - these should be worn to make a statement, not for additional warmth.

2. Black tights work with some outfits

But coloured tights can work really well too, as long as certain rules are applied – namely no zig zags, stripes or pop print. Keep it muted and in keeping with the tones of your outfit.
3. Nude tights are acceptable

NEVER during the summer and only in a matte finish that exactly matches your skin tone. You don't want the shiny species – think second skin not mannequin.

4. For the more glamorous occasions, think of tights as friend not foe

Choose a pair with maximum control to avoid any unnecessary bumps and if they're black, you can go for a slight sheen – this is slimming on the leg.

5. Experiment with your footwear

Tights with trainers (but NEVER with socks worn over them) can look effortlessly cool but, for a safer bet, they look most elegant with pumps, heels or boots.

6. If in doubt, wear sheer black.

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