This weeks featured blogger- The only fashion princess


How do you get your inspiration for the outfits you wear ?
I think I get my inspiration from the stores. But also I see sometimes things at the streets or blogs or magazines.

Who has had the biggest fashion influence on your outfits ?
I think it's my mum. :) She learned me to don't give a thing about what other people would think of me (and of my outfits). So because of her I dare to wear every clothing which I like.

What made you start posting your pictures on chictopia ?
I like to know what people think about my outfits. And also I like chictopia for inspiration and to see people with different tastes about fashion.

How would you describe your style ?
I think it's a mixture of things, I don't know how to describe my style in one word.

What is in your hosiery drawer or closet ?
I've got a lot of cute socks, knee socks, thigh highs, tights and panties .

How do you choose your hosiery ?
I pick items that I like, but when I've got a nice outfit I choose matching hosiery.

Where do you shop for hosiery ?
Not a specific store.

What was the last item of hosiery you brought, how much you spent etc ?
Hmm, that were two pairs of knee socks (red / floral print). The red knee socks were €1!! :) And the other, I think 4 euro.

Do you ever wear 10 denier tights or sheer hose if so how long do they last you ?
Most of the time I wear 20 denier tights, they last quite long when I'm very carefull. But sometimes they don't last long..

How does wearing tights make you feel emotionally ? More feminine,better with girly outfits not thought about it ?
I like it. I think tights are more feminine then for example jeans or leggings. And they look great with for example high heels and a cute dress!

What are your style tips for wearing tights ?
Don't wear them if there is a gap in it (or ladder), except you've some "grunge-look". Sometimes I see people wearing damaged tights beneath a cute dress and I don't like that. It looks very cheap, I think. But that's my opinion! :)

If you was told you could never wear tights again, how would you feel ?
I wouldn't like that! I love tights.

Do you remember the first time you wore tights and the first pair you brought ?
No, I'm sorry, that's long ago..

Do you recycle your tights ?
No, I don't..

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