Dorothy Perkins and Primark Tights review from Blush pout pose


I love tights and I actually wear them all year round! I don't really wear jeans or trousers and only have to for work. Other than that it's dresses, skirts or shorts teamed up with a pair of tights. Even in the summer, it doesn't get that hot in Scotland so I still wear tights although thinner ones.

So over the next month or so I will be reviewing a range of tights I have tried from different high street stores.

Tights from Dorothy Perkins are my favourite for the good quality, range of colours as well as different deniers. They have a great range in their 2 for £8 with a variety of colours and designs. In that offer the tights are 80 denier which are nice and thick that is perfect for the colder months. They come in various sizes too and even fit a wee shorty like me!

I have bought a few in a range of colours and I have a pair that are 120 denier and it's so thick and cosy! I normally wear boots and knee high socks to keep extra warm in the winter.

The quality is really good for the price you pay and they can last a long time. However after a few months wear you may experience some bobbles appearing on the tights. This may be because I put them in the washing machine instead of hand washing them! So if you do this I would definitely recommend a bobble remover to make your tights look like new again! It was my boyfriend that introduced me to this handy tool and have saved me throwing out good tights!

Primark Review

The cheapest tights I've come across on the High Street is from Primark (naturally). However they definitely are not worth it in terms of quality. I have tried 20 denier ones in nude and black and I only got one wear out of them. That's if you are lucky to even get one wear! If you put them on too quick you risk snagging and ripping them which has happened too many times when I was rushing in the morning! So don't waste your money on these!

The nude coloured tights I bought were in natural. They look ok here in the photo but they look a bit orange in real life which is not a good look at all. I tend to wear these under lace tights.

I have however bought the thicker tights from Primark. They are ok, though can be a bit uncomfortable to wear as it's quite loose at the waist for me even for a small. The bow pattern is cute though!

I love wearing these grey bow tights with a white dress and little flats. They keep you warm too!

The nude and black tights cost about £2 (I think) for a pack of 5 and the bow tights cost £3 for one pair.

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