How to wear suspender tights


Suspender tights have been at the nose of hosiery fashion for the last few seasons and their popularity seems to be never fading.

Am I the only girly out there who thinks that semi opaque black tights are so much sexier than bare legs?
 I know, it’s weird, but the sheer fact of hosiery is sexy in and of itself.
 Black tights are slimming, warm for the cooler seasons, and can pull any look together in a matter of seconds. Admittedly, they can get a little boring. I should know — I wear plain black tights daily, with no signs of ever stopping.

 It seems that celebs like Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and Selena Gomez have found the perfect solution to boring black tights , and it’s certainly a step up in the right direction.

 Suspender tights have been around since last year , opaque to the thigh then sheer with a garterish  detail. I’m loving the look, but I don’t know if my thick legs are up to the task … but hey, Rihanna represents thick-thighed girls everywhere, and she looks bloody good in them. 

What’s your opinion?

If you must have a pair, click on — I’ll point you in the right direction. As for me, I’m not buying them online right now, except for the part where I probably am. Sucker ! 

This season, the style of suspender tights has moved more towards 'over the knee tights' and there are lots of stylish  tights which give the appearance of wearing over the knee leg wear.

Top Tips
Be confident in you own style. 

Wear the same coloured shoes. We want the tights to get the attention not the
neon glowing heels or the garish pink flats.

 Wear with something short. What's the point of wearing them if your going to cover up ! 

Stick to all one colour and keep the outfit simple.

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