1. Tattoo Tights: Get tatted up with this DIY! Just trace the image of your choice onto stretched skin-colored tights to create this awesome illusion. (via By Wilma)

2. Ombre Tights: Stay chic for fall by rocking these ombre tights. This faded accessory will forever be a fave here at Brit + Co., especially since it takes less than 30 minutes to dye ‘em! (via Brit + Co.)

3. Kool-Aid-Dyed Tights: Using Kool-Aid to dye tights? Oh Yeah! Just dump a few packets of Kool-Aid into a pot of water, heat it to almost boiling, then let your tights go for a delicious dip. (via Sock Dreams)

4. Knee-Patch Tights: Elbow patches are on trend for fall, so why not mimic this playful patch on your knees? We love the pop of colour it adds below the waist, especially in this gorgeous shade of royal blue. (via 3191 Miles Apart)

5. Heart Pattern Tights: Use a craft punch to create a strew of stencils to cover a your tights, then paint away! Punches come in so many shapes—we’ve used triangles, pennants, hearts, and circles in previous projects— so the pattern possibilities are nearly limitless! (via Fawn Mag)

6. Glitter Tights: There’s no easier way to glam up tights on the cheap: on a well-covered surface, spray adhesive on your tights, then drown them in shiny glitter! Just remember to give the tights a shake to remove any excess flecks before you toss ‘em on. (via The Sonyvlogs)

7. “Watercolor” Painted Tights: While we may not step out wearing a whimsical ice cream cones, we are enamored with their watercolour-like finish. To get the look, use cotton swabs to mix together a trio of acrylic paint until swirly streaks appear, then transfer the dazzling hues onto light coloured tights with a foam stamp. (via Miss Tea & Co)

8. Polka Dot Tights: Here’s a DIY you can do with your tights on! Just add dabs of puffy paint straight from the bottle onto your tights-covered legs and once they’re dry, you’re ready to hit the streets in style. (via See Kate Sew)

9. Lace Embellished Tights: We love this chic alternative to wearing a pair of actual lace tights. Snip apart a strip of floral lace, then simply sew in place! (viaCupcakes and Cashmere)

10. Tie-Dye Tights: This is definitely another Brit-approved way to wear tie dye. Just tie up a pair of nylons with string and dunk them into a pot of water, food colouring, and vinegar to achieve this eye-catching marble pattern. (via The Work is Getting To Me)

11. Skull Cutout Tights: You know we’re gearing up for Halloween here at Brit HQ, so we couldn’t pass up this spooky tights DIY. Unleash your inner punk to rip your tights in the shape of a smiling skull face. (via Nikdreamer)

12. Side “Stripe” Patterned Tights: We are obsessed with these sophisticated “gold leaf” tights, especially since this pattern was made with a paper punch! This delicate detail makes these tights wow-worthy in our book. (via Crafts Unleashed)

13. Sequin Embellished Tights: These gold sequins tights are downright regal. Try scattering these shiny embellishments or go for a more uniform placement to enhance the glam. (via Park & Cube)

14. DIY Rubber Stamp Tights: This blogger made her own heart stamp out of an old eraser, then blotted the shape onto sheer tights. We love that she also offers designs for more fanciful stamp shapes that include a jellyfish and a flamingo, ’cause those stamps would look awesome on tights! (via The Pineneedle Collective)

15. Two-Toned Tights: These two-toned tights—also known as jester tights—are a fool-proof way to dress up any black and white get up. We love the bold combo of hot pink and tangerine, but you can always start with a more demure color palette like khaki and grey. (via Salvage Life)

16. Bejeweled Tights: The concept of bedazzling your tights with a hodge podge of jewels is fab—and all it takes is a dab of E-6000 to hold ‘em in place! Go for the multi-colored Lisa Frank vibe if that’s your thing, or try a more minimal mix of white tights and black jewels. (via Rookie)

17. Sequin Seam Tights: Sparkle up your vintage-inspired tights by sewing the seam with sequins! And remember, it doesn’t have to be New Year’s to rock this look! :) (via Miss)

18. Tribal Painted Tights: The tribal pattern trend isn’t going anywhere, so we embraced the style with these geo-stenciled tights. Keep things tame by tracing it onto just the shins, or embrace your wild child and continue the pattern up to the thigh. (via Brit + Co.)

19. Knee Cats: They’re cute! They’re quirky! They’re knee cats for your knee caps! This feline shape has been popular on everything from smoking slippers to t-shirts, so it’s about time it made the leap to the tights realm. (via Jen Loves Kev)

20. Skeleton Bone Tights: While this ghoulish look isn’t the most versatile of the bunch, it just might be our favorite. ‘Cause seriously, how cool do these skeleton bone tights look!? This is the way to do Halloween on a budget. (viaPanda Head)

21. Galaxy Tights: A spritz of bleach spray is all it takes to get this awesome galaxy print on black or navy tights. We’re mesmerized by this other-worldly DIY, but we do recommend tossing a skirt on before you leave the house. ;) (viaMarmalade)
Have you jazzed up a pair of plain tights before? What did you use in your DIY? Tell us all about it in the comments below!