How To Wear - Colored Tights Edition


Today I'm introducing you to a new little section in the blog that came out of the blue in my mind but goes hand-in-hand with my everyday job and life overall- styling one item in as multiple ways as possible! I believe that a good fashion piece that's worth an investment has definitely one characteristic: it has to be versatile. If you can't wear an item for different occassions or match it with various items, it's no use, right? And you'll probably get frustrated of it with never wanting to see it again. Boom! When you know some tips and tricks on how to do your shopping more effenciently and what items are worth the money, "how-to-wear" section will become handy. :) So from now on, if I notice an item that has appeared in my outfits for many times, I will share some tips on how to wear it with you too! Sounds good, doesn't it? :) 

Over the time you've probably noticed my infinite love for bright, bold tights and you've also asked a lot of questions about this kind of style. So called "fashion tights" have been an irreplaceable accessory during colder months for those who hate wearing pants yet don't want to freeze + want to look cute and stylish. In fact, I must say I'm warmer with 100den tights + over-knee socks than with jeans. What appeals to me even more is how colorful tights can add a lot of spice to your outfit and make even a little bit more boring combo a sassy bomb of style :) Comfy, cute, warm and stylish - ain't that a winner combo or what?! 

However, what stops many women of buying a bolder pair of tights, is the fear of not knowing how to wear them or feeling "overdressed", "begging for attention" and so on ... Ladies, you don't have to be afraid because right now the statement "The bolder, the better" is more than a catchphrase. It's a lifestyle for a true modern woman! 
My absolute favourite pair of tights is this purple pair that I bought last autumn for less than 10€! Since it was very long time ago, I don't remember well their denier but they are cotton, super-cozy and soft which is the reason I keep wearing them over and over again, no matter what's the season! Therefore I can say it is a worth investment and if you are in doubt whether it's reasonable to by tights costing over 10-15€, I say go for it because the quality matters a LOT in this area of fashion. 

Now what are the key things to remember when wearing colorful tights? 
1. Choose the fabric of tights according to your particular style - thicker cotton tights are okay for everyday cute-girly-casual style, more silky ones are suitable for office and business wear to pump it all up. 
2. Go with a neutral outfit - let the tights do the "work" for you by adding that necessary color pump and put on a neutral dress, top+skirt, everything that's a bit lighter and not overpowering (e.g picture 4)
3. Matching accessories - add a belt or a bag of the same color scheme - a little matchy-matchy is always handy! (e.g picture 1). 
4. Wear a clothing item in a similar color range - Pinks, purples and blues are the go-to colors here! Pair it all with a very simple black or neutral base and add that pop with a colorful blazer, cardigan or sweater - it looks chic, stylish and compliments your tights perfectly, making you feel like a style-queen (e.g picture 3).

Overall, it's a huge fun fashion game but my number one tip is always to go for a bit more "subtle" bottom that won't overpower the tights. Let the tights shine in the outfit by taking all the attention - don't be afraid of a little extra attention on your legs, it's only a good thing and will make you feel like a diva! 

In case you don't already own a fabulous pair of purple tights, here are some cute ones that you can purchase for rocking them during this holiday month! :) 
1. Tightsplease   - 6,46€
2. Topshop  - 8,00€
3. Mytights  - 6,49€
4. Asos  - 21,92€
5. Modcloth   - 10,87€
Are you a fan of colored tights? What do you think about them overall - do you like/dislike them? Which color of tights is your favourite? Share your thoughts with me! :) 

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