Review (of sorts): Uniqlo HeatTech


Shirt - Dorothy Perkins.  Skirt - F21.
Tights - Uniqlo HeatTech.  Fingerless gloves - New Look.
Rings - Diva. 

If you are on my side of the world right now, the odds are it's fairly chilly.  I just danced in from a zero degree frost, my face nearly frozen off.

Dhany told me about Uniqlo HeatTech when he was in Singapore and preparing for a trip to colder climes.  Apparently, he said, it works really well to keep you warm.

I'm quite a sissy about windchill and temperatures below zero, so while we were in France, I headed to the massive Uniqlo in near Opera to get myself a couple of things including this pair of tights and an undershirt.

I've worn both a couple of times since, and I can basically say that while they don't create a magical warmth that suffuses your entire body in a balmy 25 degrees all day long, they are quite effective!

The tights in particular, are the equivalent of wearing two pairs of opaque tights, probably, and they're cute to boot.  I just love the argyle pattern and one of my classmates, Ted, an elderly gentleman, pointed them out and complimented me on them today.

In Bath, which was relatively warm, I barely noticed that my legs were only encased in one thin layer and today, when I wore them with shorts and ballet flats, even in zero degrees, I only felt the tiniest chill and my feet were quite toasty.

A word of advice though, you must buy them to be quite fitting or they won't keep you as warm.  Shriya bought a pair of tights that was slightly big and doesn't feel that they are as effective.

Mine give me a nice, buzzy, slightly warm glow.

I'm also quite infatuated with these fingerless... arm warmers of sorts that I got from New Look.  They keep my hands quite warm, but allow me to text and use my iPod! 

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