25 ways to repurpose old tights.



  1. Remove deodorant residue from clothing – use the old tight as a mitt to brush off residue

  2. Keep your hairbrush clean – starting with a clean brush, cut a strip from the tights to cover the brush. Push down onto the bristles – a hair grip will help you push the fabric right down. Next time your brush needs cleaning simply lift the nylon off and start again.

  3. Decorate pumpkins at Halloween – wrap lacy patterned tights over small gourds
    Pretty Polly Tights Tips - Halloween pumpkin decoration

  4. Cut off the tops of stockings/hold ups and reuse as hair bands and scrunchies

  5. Curling your hair – heat-free and natural looking curls created using strips of nylon from your old tights. Learn how 
  6. Sweet smelling sachets: Fill with potpourri or lavender to keep drawers and wardrobes smelling lovely. They also work well when filled with moth balls to prevent damage to clothing in storage. 

  7. Plant pets – stuff the toe end of a stocking leg with soil and plant grass seeds within the ball, approx the size of a tennis ball. Cut out some paper features like lips and eyes. Pop it on a dish in the sun light, water from time to time and watch the grass hair grow!
    Pretty Polly Tights Tips - hosiery head

  8. Cleaning hard-to-reach places – Having trouble reaching dust bunnies living beneath your fridge? Ball up your old tights and use an elastic band to secure them to a coat hanger (or similar long item). The dust will cling to the nylon like magic!

  9. Do you have a cat or dog who likes to sleep on your bed and leave lots of fur behind? Try using an old pair of tights to rub the fur off your duvet cover - lifts off like a dream!
    Pretty Polly Tights Tips - Recycled tights necklace
  10. Slip over the end of your vacuum cleaner nozzle to act as a filter when searching for small missing items – such as jewellery. Making sure the toe is in tact, slip the leg over the nozzle and secure with a rubber band.

  11. Jewellery - Get creative and turn your old tights into necklaces and bracelets. Check out this amazing yellow tights necklace from Fashion My Legs.

  12. Covering your fish tank filter – to stop any little critters getting sucked in! And if you’re lucky enough to have your own pool, use nylons to cover your filter to avoid hairs, leaves and dirt getting stuck in your filter.

  13. Efficient suitcase packing: Squeeze more in by rolling up your clothes and cover them in flexible nylon tubes to stop them unravelling. Simply cut the legs off, snip off the foot and stretch the stockings over your rolled-up garments.

  14. Straining lumps from old paint tins – cover the receptacle opening with nylon, you could even use the waistband to hold the sheet in place. Hey presto – a ready-made paint strainer!

  15. Works of art - get creative and create sculptures and artwork using your old tights. Take inspiration from Irene Anton's series of hosiery sculptures.

  16. Bedding storage – Keep your spare duvet, pillows and blankets neat and tidy whilst in storage by using the waistband from your old pair of tights. Simply slip it around the rolled up bedding like a large ‘elastic band’.

  17. Avoid rubbish bag slipping down – Secure your bin liner in place by cutting off the waistband of your old tights and slipping it around the bin.

  18. Keep draughts at bay; Stuff legs with newspaper and tie off to make draught excluders to sit at the base of a draughty door. 

  19. Replacement stuffing - for soft toys, cushions, pillows, sofa cushions etc

  20. Keep wrapping paper rolled up – pop a leg over the roll, or several at a time to keep them neat until you need them next

  21. Store onions, potatoes, garlic and plant bulbs - hang them in a cool, dry and dark place, such as a pantry, to promote good air circulation and keep them from rotting. 

  22. Gardeners tips: Put soap bar scraps into the toe end of a stocking leg. Tie up beside an outdoor tap so you can wash muddy hands before re-entering the house.

  23. Useful in the garden as ties for climbing vegetables or plants, or for supporting large vegetables as they grow, like marrows or melons.

  24. Re-potting plants; When moving a houseplant to a larger pot, use a piece of nylon at the bottom of the new pot. It will act as a liner that lets the excess water flow out without draining the soil along with it.

  25. Give them to the man in your life to wear under his trousers in the colder months – particularly if he has to work outdoors! If he’s willing, he’ll thank you for it! Especially if it’s your old Fleecy Opaques!
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