Tips and Tricks for Rocking Patterned Pants or Leggings


Tips and Tricks for Rocking Patterned Pants or Leggings

  • Start conservatively. If bold patterns aren't your thing, you can still participate by looking for bottoms with subtle details, like tiny polka dots, pinstripes, or tie-dyed designs.
  • Try leopard print. Leopard print bottoms are very popular, so they're another great option if you just want to stick your toe in the water with this trend. 
  • Consider the cut. Printed pants with flared bottoms can look a little dated (think of a leisure suit from the '70s), but patterned trousers can look preppy and even business-casual when styled correctly. While printed harem-style or flowy pants are hot on street style blogs, they can be hard to pull off in real life. The easiest and most flattering way to rock this trend is with a skinny cut pant.
  • Elongate your legs. This can be done in many ways, but wearing heels or wedges is probably the easiest and most fool-proof fix. Ballet flats will look great also, especially with cropped styles. Avoid flat ankle boots here -- they can make you look stumpy.
  • Keep your top half simple. Solid colors and slimming silhouettes will nicely complement the boldness of your pants.
  • Think about the pattern itself. Horizontal stripes can be tricky, as can anything with too many loud colors. It might be a good time to enlist an honest (but sweet) BFF if you're not sure if a particular pattern is flattering or not.
  • Leggings aren't pants! I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but always pair your printed leggings with a tunic or a simple dress that covers your butt. You don't want to leave yourself vulnerable to ridicule or an embarrassing camel-toe situation! My rule of thumb is, if a pair of jeggings is thin enough to show the seam of a regular pair of underwear, I stick with bum-covering top options.
  • Balance the look with your top half. Sometimes patterned bottoms can have a tendency to look like pajama pants, especially if you go with a chino-styled cut. Counteract this by pairing them with something neat and dressy up top -- a dress shirt and blazer would accomplish this perfectly!
  • Be confident! As with almost every fashion trend, those around you can sense whether you feel good in something or not. Carry yourself with some swagger -- people will admire your bold sense of style!

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