Here's how often you need to wash your tights


Autumn has fully set in and winter's coming, which means we're saying goodbye to our bare legs and embracing tights once more.

While the pattern, fabric and denier is all up for debate, how often you need to pop your tights in the wash is not.

The experts have ended that conversation once and for all. 

And we'll give you a hint; it's more often than you need to wash your bra, and much, much more often than you need to put your favourite jeans in the wash.

Caroline Wright, Hosiery Product and Marketing Manager at tight specialist Pretty Polly cleared things up by telling us : "It's best to wash your tights after each wear."

Think of them like your pants and socks. 

Every time you wear them put them, put them in the wash as it's neither hygienic nor easy on the nose to re-wear. Especially after a long day in boots or brogues.

Ladders and holes aside, how long should you wait before replacing your tights altogether?

Caroline asserts: "It depends on the type of tights. Sheer tights can start to look a bit worn after a few wears, even if they don't get holes in them, they can snag and not look as smart. 

"Opaque tights, however, are much more durable and can last for quite a lot of wears. It's good to check them though, as even these can get snagged, and can go a bit patchy if they've rubbed on the boots or shoes you've been wearing."

So forget hard-fast rules, it's all around the shallow visuals when it comes to replacing the winter stables. 

But make the most of them by sticking to Caroline's top tights washing tips. She revealed: "To make your tights last longer you should really always wash them by hand. 

"The yarns that tights are made of are very delicate and tights in a washing machine can easily get snagged and caught on other clothing, especially Velcro. 

"If you do put your tights in the washing machine, try putting them in a hosiery wash bag first. This prevents them getting all tangled up with your bra straps and socks!"

So there you have it.

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