How You're Really Supposed to Put On Tights


There are so many more questions than "Should I try fishnets?" that you probably have about tights. Really, every time you slip those babies on, you probably second-guess yourself, wondering if you're using the proper method to roll them up your legs or how they got that tear in the first place. We hear you. That's why we enlisted an expert from DKNY to break down the basics. After all, the brand has one of the most versatile, high-quality hosiery lines in fashion.

We weren't surprised to learn that this pro could provide us with all the answers to burning questions like "When should I throw these away?" or "How can I actually prevent pulls once and for all?" Scroll to read up on the basics, then refresh yourself on the bra handbook too.

How to Clean Your Tights

"Hand washing is the best method. But if you're time pressed, we recommend machine wash in a hosiery bag. Use mild detergents meant for delicates and run on a delicate cycle. Avoid high heat in the dryer, excessive washing, or harsh detergents and fabric softeners, as these could all wear out the fibres of your tights more quickly. After washing, always make sure to hang or lay the tights on a flat surface to dry."

When to Replace Your Tights

"When you notice that the waistband has become too loose or stretched out, the appearance of your tights has pulls or snags, and when the colour of your tights has become dull and faded."
How to Prevent Them From Ripping

"The best way is to pay attention to how you put them on. Sit comfortably, gather the legs up with your fingertips and slip over the foot; continue to work up the legs to the waist smoothly and slowly. Make sure your skin and nails are smooth and remove jewellery before handling delicate sheers."
Essentials to Add to Your Collection

"Wear sheers to look beautiful with cosmetic-inspired skin tones. Wear shaping hosiery, control top, and toners to accentuate your curves or when you need some additional smoothing under body-conscious clothing, and try support legwear, which micromassages the legs with graduated compression. Also play with colour and texture, like fishnets, depending on your own taste and lifestyle."

1 Pair of Tights to Get Rid of

"Get rid of your 100 percent nylons and replace them with spandex blends. There is no reason to have 100 percent nylon legwear due to today's latest innovative yarn and technology, which delivers a better-than-bare appearance with superior fit and comfort."

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