The tights with verticle stripes


If there is indeed a motif that is constantly renewed and is always part of the fashion trends (or almost), it is indeed the stripes and the bands. Whether small, large, vertical, horizontal, seamen, etc., they fit as much in the spring look as in the summer look and always add a little something more to your outfits!

Are you scratched or are you still hesitating to incorporate such a bold motive in your wardrobe? We have the pair of pantyhose that suits your look and will satisfy the fashionista in you: the tights with vertical stripes ! They are simple and display a broad band along each of your legs (what you stand out besides fine-tune your figure;)).

These tights add a touch of boldness to a simple and casual look. Here are some ideas of how to wear them ...

Wool and jacket

The perfect duo for cooler temperatures: a woolen dress and a jacket-cut coat. Selected in shades of gray, it is a perfect outfit for a gray and cloudy weather. And your tights with vertical stripes will give it character! Why not add a touch of color in your hair with a hat or a headband? A classic outfit with a little extra!

Leather and shirt

Given that you are already bold in wearing your vertical striped tights , arrange them with a mini skirt in cooking! Rock your look with a shirt or a t-shirt of your choice and have confidence, you will turn heads ...
Pastel hat and dress

Wear under a colorful tunic dress, tights with a wide band creates a casual but bold look. Depending on your style, you can complete this outfit with a wide hat and ballerina or a cap and your favorite sneakers! As you see, these tights are suitable for all styles!

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