How To Find The Perfect Pair Of Tights


If you are anything like me then finding the right pair of tights is not as simple as it sounds. And many a size guide has seemed quite delusional! 

So Here’s a Quick Guide

There is often a challenge to get the right size and its reasonable common for women to buy a size bigger as then they wont fall down (unless you do the “two pairs of knickers” method of holding them up). Remember tights stretch in 3 dimensions but stretching in one dimension limits the amount they can expand in another – therefore if you are tall and larger in the hips you must allow for BOTH areas of expansion. Read the label carefully and be honest about your overall volume. Some tights are actually made with a larger figure in mind and no nasty additional panels and higher quality products will have a clearer size guide. Also remember if you are buying opaques the amount of stretch will impact the density of the coverage.


To find the best colour match to your skin tone is very similar to finding the perfect foundation – when its on your skin it should disappear! One of the easiest ways to test this in hosiery is take a pair with a ladder in them and put them against your skin – it you see the ladder then it’s the wrong shade, but if the ladder disappear then they are the perfect nude colour for you.

Matt tights will give a similar finish to face powder. Tights with sheen will give a more natural looking glow, reflecting the skins natural shine and appear more invisible.


If you are buying quality hosiery then you want them to last – and whilst some snagging is going to be outside your control, there are a few things you can do to significantly extend the life of your tights:

Buy the right size;

Never use fabric softener;

Use a quality lingerie / hosiery bag (try Hold Tightly's superb wash and dry hosiery bag);

Take care of your hands and feet (see the Divine Legs blog "How to Have Happy Feet".

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