Top 4 Tips for Wearing Tights at Work


Tights can be a great way to add extra variety to your work outfits without spending a fortune on a wardrobe upgrade, but your work place can be a minefield of dress code do’s and don’ts, so here are a few helpful tips on how to make the most of your hosiery at work.  

1.  Wear Nude Hosiery for Interviews and Big Occasions

When it’s the height of summer and all you want to do is go bare legged, wear super sheer nude hosiery for those big formal occasions such as interviews and important presentations.  This gives your legs a natural look but doesn’t look as informal as bare legs. 

Its coming up to winter now, and the days are definitely cooler but thicker tights will be seen as more casual so it is worth braving the cold (or having a spare pair into the office) and showing that you are serious about the job in hand in uber professional looking sheer tights in nude!
Never wear fashion statement tights for interviews (unless you are in the fashion industry or need to show a lot of creative individuality).  It just comes across as frivolous.  Yes, you might be the best qualified candidate but you will be judged on how you look because that will be a key indicator as to how you fit into the team.

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2.  Winter Opaques for Warmth

When it’s deepest winter and you are looking for warmth and comfort, it’s OK to wear thicker tights.  Be aware opaque tights are viewed as casual (after all they can look like leggings!)  Wear them with suits or formal dresses but avoid them for days when you have something BIG going on.  If in doubt, keep a pair of nude tights in your drawer as they will cover you for all occasions.  Opaque tights tend to be in 60D or higher.
Semi opaque tights look classy enough without leaving your legs too exposed to the cold.  Try 50D for a great balance between opaque and sheer, for a super smooth leg and silhouette.  
There are super warm fleece lined winter tights available, keep these for your journey and casual day.  Never wear thick dark tights when it’s hot outside!

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3.  Get Beach Ready While Working 

In the winter especially we can all feel a bit pale and pasty.  Then there is the seasonal excesses – most people tend towards an increase in weight over the colder months!  Combat this with 60D anti cellulite opaque tights which “fix” a number of issues:
  • Actively work on your cellulite while you wear them;
  • Give your legs a good coverage and warmth (and look great);
  • Instantly slim hip, thigh and bottom, and
  • Give you a super smooth silhouette in comfort.

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5.  Absolute No-No’s 

There are a few absolutes when wearing hosiery, but here are the top 4:
  1. Never wear flesh coloured opaque tights – they are too thick and very unflattering on every size and shape;
  2. Never show the reinforced toes of tights and knee highs in shoes;
  3. Never wear tights or stockings with ladders or holes;
  4. Whilst you might get away with it wearing thicker tights, be sure to shave your legs before wearing sheer tights!
 Hope this helps when deciding what essential tights you need for every work occasion?  

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