Six Tips to Get Beautiful Legs For Summer


As the summer season sets in, most women start digging in their wardrobe to find out their shorts and bikinis so that they can hit the beach in style. Toned, slightly tanned and sexy legs for the beach season have been the desire of women for decades. Not all ladies are naturally blessed with shapely sexy legs so here are a few top tips to get beach ready legs.

Winter finds many of us more frequently indoors with skin-drying central heating or outside in moisture-wicking bitter wind and cold, both of which promotes dull and scaly skin. As the nights get lighter and summer starts to appear, it is important to get rid of all the dead skin that has accumulated on the top layer of skin to get back the radiant glow of our legs. You can use a variety of exfoliation products to get soft and supple skin—or even easily make your own leaving you with glowing skin and transforming your legs for summer.

Your leg skins are bound to get dry after a thorough scrub, so massage in replenishment with a natural oils based moisturiser to maintain its glow. This process will help to stop the skin from flaking, improves blood circulation and relaxes the leg muscles. You can also apply some firming lotion as it helps in making the skin firm and thus giving your legs a sexy shape.
Epilate, Wax or Shave

Before hitting the beach in itsy-bitsy bikinis, swim wear or shorts, shaving or waxing the legs is essential for a super smooth look. Waxing helps in removing the hair follicles from its root and this produces results that last for a few weeks. But the process is quite painful and you need to have patience to endure it. Shaving on the other hand is easier and a much faster solution. However, it does not last long and you should always use a good lubricant to get smooth skin. In both these hair removing methods, some ingrown hairs are going to be left behind and may produce some unsightly red bumps. Massage those areas with an exfoliating cleanser first as it helps in opening the hair follicle and making the hair removal process easier.

A more expensive and permenant solution is laser hair removal. This will save you from the frequency of shaving or waxing and prevent much of the potential ingrown hairs. Salon appointments can become costly. There are some great at-home hair removal devices available these days offering an at-home professional solution to hair removal and at a fraction of the salon price!
Foot Care

Keeping your feet looking groomed can be more of a challenge in winter - they are easy to forget! Keep toe nails nicely trim and clean, treat any calluses, cuticles and rough spots on your skin with a foot scrub. Apply a summery nail polish to make your legs all the more sexier and set off your summer tan. Don't forget to always remember to use a top coat to keep your pedicure shiny and chip-free!

Tanned legs appear sexier in comparison to pale ones. So if you have a pale skin tone, apply a decent self tanning product. Spray-tanning has developed significantly over the last few years to become less chemical smelling and giving a more natural colour. 

Along with beauty products, regular exercise is extremely important for toning your legs. Whilst walking regularly will help tone your legs and flatten your tummy, there are other exercises if you can make time for it without going to the gym. Make use of your stairs at home, get out for short jogs, practice lunging and squatting wherever you can, and plenty of calf raises will have you on your way to beautifully toned legs.

Anti-Cellulite Tights!

If you suffer from cellulite - and lets face it thats quite a lot of us - then another aid to beach ready legs is Beauty Tights from item m6. These Anti-Cellulite tights work simply by wearing them giving a lasting effects. They are 60 Denier appearance black tights that are a new secret weapon against dimpled, lumpy skin.

Beauty tights are made using unique high-tech yarn, with particles of ceramic crystals melted into the yarn to reflect the bodies own heat into deeper layers of the skin to stimulate the breakdown of fat cells and beautify the appearance of the skin. The integrated high-tech compression thread visibly reduces dimpling on the thighs and buttocks. Other benefits include:
Increased collagen production to strengthen connective tissues;
Improves micro circulation to firm and smooth the skin;
Measurable reduction in circumference of legs, hips and buttocks.
The final word.....

These are some of the easy yet effective tips for getting beautiful legs for summer. So get started today and you will be feeling less shy about showing off your legs on the beaches. You need not spend much time but the results are really effective.

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