How to wear tights (for the one who hates pantyhose)

I will never get rid of my tights, but I understand that many of you have a relationship love / hate with their tights.

Some find that they are too irritating, too tight or just uncomfortable, but we can not deny the fact that they are essential to create outfits adapted to the different seasons.

So, whether you love them or hate them, I have some practical tips that will convince even the most skeptical to give their tights a second chance.
Here are options of tights to wear even if you DETEST pantyhose!

For the girl who hates pantyhose because they are tearing each other apart

You do not support pantyhose because, no matter how careful you are, they end up breaking up? Opt for opaque tightsrather than semi-transparent. Opaque tights have a higher denier level and are less likely to snag and mesh. Do not be caught off guard with a mesh pantyhose!

For the girl who hates pantyhose because they do not keep warm

Do not wear nylon stockings because it's too cold in the winter? Forget the nylon tights during the cooler months and choose tights in other materials like cotton or merino wool . These materials are perfect for the winter and will keep you warm.

For the girl who hates pantyhose because they shake at the waist

Are you convinced that all tights are uncomfortable and too tight? You probably buy the wrong size! Pantyhose sizes are found by crossing your weight and size and often differ in size from jeans. If your tights are uncomfortable, opt for a larger size. You will feel much better!

For the girl who hates pantyhose because they are irritating

Your legs are irritated by tights? If you have sensitive skin, shop several types of tights in different materials to find what suits you more. Our vitamin tights are super soft and will definitely not leave your skin irritated. Enriched with vitamin E, passion fruit oil and Monoi de Tahiti, this tights are filled with natural microcapsules that will moisturize your skin all day long.

If you hate pantyhose, will you give them a second chance?



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