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Fashionmylegs : Created by a girl who loves art ,design and style photography.

What's not to love about tights and fashion ?

 Whether you're a toddler, a teenager or a forward thinking gent, there's a lot of love going around for these fun, fashionable items.
I'm just about as average a girl as you're going to get. I'm not tall or thin or beautiful. I'm not good at taking photos, being interesting or looking nice. I don't have tons of money to spend on designer clothes or tons of time to go shopping for them. I'm not particularly tech savvy. But I have a smart camera and I like to write. Besides, I figure blogging is a bit like singing in the shower. It won’t affect those who don’t hear it, and those who do hear it must be pretty damn close to you anyway
I've been wearing tights for as long as I can remember. My earliest memory of tights involved thick, wool tights to school followed by sheer tights as i got older ! My first taste of work was working on a small market stall selling tights and hosiery. I loved it ! It was there where I became a tights afficionado. 

When I moved to back to London from abroad tights were not only a fashion accessory but a winter necessity. If you want to spot a tourist, look for the poor lass with bare legs hailing a cab in the middle of the English winter wishing she had brought some tights. Crazy lady, put on some TIGHTS! 

Fashion my legs was born from this absurd reality,a need to blog about something different, create a look book of tights, a lack of hosiery fashion blogs and the way hosiery can emphasise and transform an outfit.

My picks of the latest blogger outfits and trends styled with tights:
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All copyright is retained by the original owner of any images used or reposted on this blog and will be removed on request. I'm sorry I just don't allways get the time to email you ladies about reposting your lovely outfits and I hope your get some new readers by spreading the love.  If your offended and want them removed please drop me a line at  Fashionmylegs@yahoo.com and accept my apologies.


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