Busting The Myth: How To Wear Nude Tights


Busting The Myth: How To Wear Nude Tights

Where to get the best nude tights on the market (and why they're so great) for all those summer weddings and events you're attending this year

The internet nearly broke when the Duchess of Sussex stepped into the world as a newly married woman, complete with elegant Philip Treacy hat, a Ghost dress (which actually did 'break' the brand's website when everyone instantly tried to buy it online) and... some very pale tights... Perhaps she was trying to colour coordinate her arms and legs? The colour of her sheer sleeves and neckline looked a strikingly similar shade. But, really, it's far more likely that she just couldn't find a great pair of nude tights. We've all been there.

What went wrong? We caught up with tight scientists (well, not really, but they are experts) at Heist to find out what Meghan – and we – can do differently in future. No more 'granny' stigma; no more streaky fake tan frantically applied in the morning; no more last-minute shaving jobs or cover-up applied to bruises; no more too-pale or too-dark fabrics. And, if it's chilly, no more shame in wanting to don a pair of nude-coloured tights. We find out where to buy the best nude tights on the market. And why you'll love wearing them to all those summer weddings you've got to attend.
A hosiery revolution

In 2015, Heist set out on a mission to change the tights industry forever. Over the course of a year, the company gave 67 women 197 samples to try, constantly changing the product according to their feedback. This resulted in some of the best sets of tights ever.
Why these tights are awesome

No seams, meaning they are less prone to sagging and don't show through your clothes. Italian yarn, meaning they feel 'softer than a Siberian goose' (i.e. no more ITCHING grr). 'Adaptive waistband': a wide and flexible waistline (like the one on your yoga leggings), meaning it moves with you and doesn't dig in. YAY!
Why their nude tights are even more awesome

Ellie Howard, VP of Marketing at Heist, says: “We set out to create a game-changing product that would counter nude-tights-phobia once and for all. We continue to see huge demand for The Nude and it comes down to two things: the confidence-boosting appeal of our innovative seamless design, and the luxe feel of our silky-smooth yarn. This summer, we are adding additional shades to our range so that everyone, no matter what their skin tone is, can buy invisible nudes from Heist." And that's just it, they are designed to be invisible, which is exactly what you want from a 'nude' pair of tights.

As a young company looking to innovate and disrupt the underwear industry, which they consider 'tired and static', Heist started small, looking to override itchy, uncomfortable, unflattering and non-colour-matched pantyhose. But they say this is just the beginning. Watch this space!

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