How to- DIY Two toned tights tutorial


Someone pmed me asking where I got my gold/silver tights from.
I'm actually wearing three separate tights in the picture above.
I found Jester tights on Ebay, but they lacked variety in color.
So I decided to make my own version.
I'm in class right now, but this is so easy that images aren't needed.

no scissors
two colored tights
neutral/nude tights (but tight seamless/microfiber underwear (like Spanx) will do)

1. Take one of the colored tights and invert one leg into the other, creating a single stocking.
2. Repeat step one with the other colored tights.
3. Put on the neutral/nude tights or spanx. This is your base.
4. Wear the colored stockings over so that it resembles leather "cowboy" chaps.
5.Tuck in the extra fabric on the top into the base.

♥ Gather the material first before combining the legs.
♥ The inner edge of the stockings may lower throughout the day, so gather the fabric in such a way that more fabric is on the upper leg.
♥ Smoothen out the edges and make sure there is no unnecessary creases when tucking in.
♥ Choose a lower denier for your base if it's hot outside, since you are practically doubling the denier of the colored stockings.
♥ I suppose you can try this with leggings, but it may be a little bulky.
Bonus: layer on mesh (fishnet, lace, etc) tights on top!

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  1. Never thought to do that great tip will do that for a different look