Project Lodz tights


Factory chimneys - once to see on old postcards and photographs, now to wear every day. Mark Gabriella has unveiled a new model in pantyhose project Lodz tights.

To design a "tights Factory" company used its classic pattern- Delicate, symmetrical dots. They have been replaced by factories, which are a symbol of historical textiles and industrial power of the city. 

In the heyday of the textile industry, the city called Lodz chimneys. There were then more than 300. How much is on their new tights? The authors do not want to betray. "It is important that all factories smoke escapes - which means that production is in full swing, as with us." - Says Sebastian Krajda Marketing Manager Gabriella. 

The promotion of "tights Factory" He decided to use humorous speeches daughters and wives of factory owners. The packaging of tights read recommendation of Anna Scheibler "An absolute must-have of the season," 

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