The cheapest 15 denier tights on the high street.


I've worn 15 denier black tights all year round and have since I was a girl. Here are some things I've learned over the years. Price can means nothing so give the cheap ones a go, you might find a pair you love ! Check the back of the package and compare the heights as well as the hip/weight measurement. I'm not thin but my legs are short for my height so I wear s/m or m tights. That said, you'll have to try various brands to find the one with the best leg length for you. For several years I wore John Lewis brand but something changed and the s/m leg was not quite long enough for me. For a few years now I have been wearing Sainsbury's cheapest. They last as well as any brand I have worn over the years and are v. inexpensive so if a pair gives out, I don't feel as bad. I wash mine by hand and usually wear them more than once. Below I have picked some of the cheapest 15 denier tights on the high street. Why not stock up ?

                            15 Denier Tights 5 Pack

Black 15 Denier Tights 5 Pack

J by Jasper Conran - Black 15 Denier sheer tights

6 Pack Barely Black 15 Denier Tights


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