Woman sues tights company because they didn’t give her the orgasms she hoped for


A New York woman is reportedly suing a tights company for false advertising after her stockings didn’t quite hit the spot.

Meng Wang, from Queens, bought a pair of Kushyfoot shaping tights for $7 at Duane Reade drugstore. But she was left a little frustrated when they didn’t deliver the same orgasmic experience as the models in the brand’s ad appeared to have.

According to the New York Post, Wang filed a class action lawsuit in Brooklyn earlier this week, against the Canadian based company Gildan Outerwear which owns Kushyfoot.

The ad for the tights shows models walking down the street, saying things like ‘That’s the spot’, ‘So good’, and ‘That’s it’, interspersed with the odd moan and groan while a woman sings ‘I’m super satisified, super satisified’ over the top.

The suit claims the ad uses ‘highly sexually charged phrases’ and the lady’s lawyer C.K.Lee, told the Post that the ad led Wang to believe she would get ‘a massage through her pantyhose.’

But, the disappointed shopper got no satisfaction from the pantyhose.

The product’s blurb promises ‘massaging sole for extra comfort’ and a ‘firm shaper that tames your tummy, hips and thighs.’

Wang’s suit argues that the company didn’t follow through on its ‘tension relief and massage claims’ and says the ads used misleading language.

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