Asda George 40 denier body response tights review


Hey Girls,
The Winter is now kicking in the UK and I thought it would be the perfect time to have a look at some opaque tights here in the UK.

Today I thought i would kick off with a review of black Asda George  40 denier opaque tights with Lycra .Opaque tights are generally a girls go to staple when the weather gets a bit brisk . They are a Body response pair which as it says on the packaging (Warms your body when its cool and heats your body when its hot). They are very similar to the pairs M&s and Primark produce. Three pairs for £3.75 is the average price you will pay in the UK for similar tights.The tights seen are a  size Xtra large. I'm 5ft 8 but love the extra play around the stomach and prefer an extra bit of length and stretch in the leg. You have to be careful with the extra length because you don't want the Tights to bubble or overlap out of the front of a pair of heels or flats. They have quite a nice thickness for a 40 denier pair of tights with a nice sheen which occasionally catches the light. This is generated by the Lycra but they are definitely not to over shiny or stand out which is the last thing you want in a business meeting

I found these tights to be warm and didn't get to hot all day even in a very warm office in November. I generally tend to wear over the knee skirts so a good pair of opaque tights is a must for us girls in winter. They fitted fine and was easy to get on first thing and didn't fall down in a fall days wear apart from the odd adjust after the cloakroom. 

The reinforced top provides plenty of stretch and is a good pattern which complements these tights.
I had plenty of room and I'm definitely not the skinniest of women. 

The Asda George 40 denier opaque tights come with a reinforced toe. In the past i have managed to put my toe through the  end but this pair lasted all day without stretching or my toes poking through.
All in all a good solid pair of opaque tights which should last at least a few wears for the average girl.

Lisa x

 Please see Asda size guides as below for these tights. 

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