Between Christmas and New Year's Eve, things happen and you probably have a busy holiday season. That's why you probably need to have an outfit for each of your events and moments spent in good company.

To create the perfect holiday look, I'll use her favorite style: thigh-high tights . This trendy accessory complements both casual and formal looks, and is the perfect way to add dimension to your outfits and keep you warm. Add festive elements to your outfits to wear your tights during the holidays.

To do this, play with colors and materials, then choose timeless styles to have a holiday look ready in no time.
Here are 5 different ways to wear your tights during the holidays!
With velvet

Whether you opt for a dress or a skirt, add velvet in your wardrobe this season. Combined with our leggings , you'll instantly have a festive look that will be as fun as sophisticated.
With a little red

You can not go wrong by wearing red for the holidays! A red skirt or a cocktail dress combined with thigh- high tightswill quickly become your favorite outfit for the holidays.

For Christmas brunch, wear your thigh-high stockings with a casual dress or jumper style in a comfortable fabric. We love this dress Odeyalo we rented at Station Service. It matches perfectly with a turtleneck for a 100% cozy look.
With a fitted-flared dress

With its classic fit, the fitted-flared dress works well with thigh-high tights . This style will highlight the detail of your tights and give you a classic look, perfect for partying.

To end the year in style, opt for a dress with the biggest trend of 2017: the cuts on the shoulders. Choose a dress with a shorter hem to show your tights and feel good in this trendy style.

How will you wear your tights during the holidays?



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