4 Simple Poses to Take your Best Instagram OOTD


4 Simple Poses to Take your Best Instagram OOTD

September 18, 2018

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Anyone can take a good selfie, but when it comes time to snap a picture of your Outfit of the Day (OOTD), it can get a little tricky. You have to get the right angles, have the perfect lighting and choose the best pose! Fortunately, I know four simple poses to help you get the best shot of your outfit for Instagram.


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All you need is a camera (or phone), a photographer, and a really bomb outfit. This season, I’m going to be capturing a lot of OOTDs in my favourite new tights: Backseam Tights.

Here are 4 simple poses to help you take the best Instagram OOTD!
1. Sitting Down

Who said that an outfit pic had to be taken, while standing? By sitting down, you’ll add dimension to your looks and help vary your Instagram grid. It’s also the best way to extend your legs and show off whatever tights you’re wearing!

2. Tippy Toe-ing

As a shorter gal, I have lots of practice with this pose. It’s actually one of my favourites because it makes me look taller than I am (wink, wink). It’s as simple as putting one leg in front of the other and raising your heels! Voila, now you’re an inch taller!

3. Crossing the Street

This is a classic blogger pose, but definitely one you should try out for yourself. It almost makes the image look candid and allows you to fully show off your outfit. With this pose, practice makes perfect so don’t be afraid to cross the road a few times and take multiple shots.

4. Leaning on the Wall

If you want a more laid back picture, then leaning against the wall is probably the best pose to capture. I personally like to look away from the camera when I’m doing this one because it fits that whole "relaxed and nonchalant look". It’s also a great pose for capturing details close up if the wall is very simple.

What’s your favourite outfit of the day pose?



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